We promote companies and launch new services

National Technological Initiative Platform (NTI Platform) is a Russian-based non-profit organization, established to engage people in developing companies on new technological markets.

Partner care

We create and share services to make our partners from NTI ecosystem more profitable and successful.


Inside the company we work in distributed small teams, but lead our significant projects together


We promote research logic in our work by setting hypotheses and testing them using our products.

Out of politics

We don't support and develop projects that are directed to affect policy in any country or region.


We frankly talk about our activities, including mistakes. At the moment we use internal channels and make publications on specialized resources for each project.

Data-based management

We apply data-based management principles in our work. Therefore, we use figures and analyze them.

Our Projects

Boiling Points are a network of free coworking spaces with digital services for networking and events. There are already 37 of such spaces and will be opened up to 50 by the end of 2019.
Leader-ID is a digital support platform for Boiling Points network and a library of activities and events for leaders. You are welcome to test it for your tasks.
NTI Contest is a team tech competition for schoolchildren that gives benefits for winners during university entrance exams. More than 50 thousands of boys ang girls have taken part in it for the last 4 years.
Ostrov is an annual intensive educational program for future leaders on the global market. In 2019 it takes place in Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and is dedicated to universities transformation for 100 regional teams.
Atlas of Emerging Jobs is an almanac of promising industries and occupations for the next 15 to 20 years. Atlas is a modern instrument for identifying priorities in regional personnel policy as well as for schools, teachers, parents and their children.
Worldskills Kazan is a worldwide contest for those who compete in professional skills. The 45th WorldSkills Competition in Kazan will bring together competitors from more than 60 countries who will compete in 56 skills. Russian national team won first place in team scoring at the 44th Worldskills Abu Dhabi 2017 Competition.
NTI Experts is a service to confirm expertise in new technology markets. State your area of expertise, receive confirmation from colleagues, and accept the invitation to the expert community of the National Technology Initiative.
Technology Contests UP GREAT are open team contests aimed at overcoming technological barriers in various industries and find a breakthrough solution to the technological tasks of immense complexity on an international scale. A prize fund is up to 3 000 000 dollars.
Chief Data Officer Centers are expert and competency centers for regional teams who work with data. We teach how to work with data efficiently.


We suggest our foreign partners various formats of cooperation.

  • supplier conferences
  • match-sessions
  • pitch-sessions
  • B2G (for projects with high export performance), B2B (technological projects) and B2C (educational projects and aggregators)
  • business-missions and partners’ events
  • startup acceleration programs

International “Boiling point” launch

  • creation of new formats of collaboration between communities, technological leaders, partners, services and companies
  • involvement of new participants and partners within joint international events and projects
  • establishment of open and free-of-charge coworking space for networking events and promotion of innovative ecosystem
  • international technological and educational transfer

Joining the international expert network for new global markets

  • exchange of best practices
  • establishment of shared library of knowledge
  • selection of key-note speakers and experts for events (panel discussions, round tables, foresight sessions, lectures, trainings, presentations, master-classes)
  • import/export of expertise and visionary

Promotion of international scientific and technical cooperation and R&D export/import

  • informational and organizational support
  • search of relevant partners
  • cooperation with foreign R&D centers
  • promotion through “Boiling points” network

Establishment of joint venture fund to support startups and R&D projects, including attraction of private sector investors

Contact us to know more: mail@nti.dev